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- Realizing what a music class can do to humans -
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Qactus is always on the student’s side.

If you are going to order more than 10 of our products for your students in school, we can provide it at wholesale pricing.
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Anyone can become a teacher of Qactus.

Qactus makes students (even without leader’s skills) into teachers who can teach the guitar. What you and your students need are only: Qactus, QactusCore, and guitars.
Teachers won't need to force students to memorize material but to understand it instead.
Your music class should be able to bring out your student's hidden talents. There is no hurry to cram all the information into your students.

Qactus Educational Program

Qactus Educational Program
Message from the inventor / author:

I have seen some articles in educational music magazines before like this:

"Why do we need musical education in school?"

  1. It's a subject in which a class can share emotional experiences together.
  2. It's a subject which joins intelligence and sensitivity.
  3. It's a subject which requires a certain amount of concentration and has a focus (musical players should be able to express themselves through music) at the same time.
  4. It's a subject which refines a person's feelings.
  5. It's a subject in which we can learn how to accept reality.

The article made me realize how vitally important music education is even though some people don’t always think so.

In a music class, we should follow what we are interested in.
Sometimes though, we can’t do that because certain instruments are too difficult to make sounds with (even if it were only a note) without a dedicated amount of practice.
However, most people enjoying listening to popular music. They might feel discouraged if they have music classes which exclusively use instruments that are not geared towards popular music.

The guitar is one of the best musical instruments for a music class because it is an essential instrument in playing popular music.
However, new students have to do a lot of basic training before they can enjoy satisfactory results (it usually takes a week or more to get the basic skill set mastered)

Qactus can assist anybody without any previous musical instrument so that they can play a song in class.
Students will quickly feel a sense of accomplishment as they play the songs they love.

The impact of Qactus is important for everyone to take note of, especially teachers: One does not need any special skills to play the guitar.
If students all over the world have access to Qactus, they will even be able to achieve it by themselves.
It's a work-ready tool for anyone.

Try making a unique lesson using Qactus where you sing, and of course play the guitar. Aside from helping beginners take their first steps on the guitar in a music class, everyone will get something more than they expected: a sense of Harmony.

About the Inventor / Author
Hiroki Kiribayashi , [Musician, Leader of Q-sai, CEO of Quiree Co., Ltd.]