To increase the population of guitar players

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Breakthrough tool (Revolutionary Tool for the People Who “Can’t” Play Guitar)

It’s for people without any previous experience on any musical instruments.
Anyone can play the guitar with Qactus.


To increase music lovers

Q-sai@ has been trying to increase the number of music lovers for a long time. The inventor's website will help you to know the reason why.
hiroki kiribayashi's official website


How to get Qactus

You can directly order Qactus on this website if you are in Japan.
For those of you outside of Japan, please read the details.
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Qactus is on "QactusCore"

The special code diagram for Qactus, “QuactusCore,” is available on "http://qactus.jp"


anyone can play GUITAR

Three ways qactus helps beginners

Qactus helps you know the condition of your guitar.

The physical condition of guitars may change depending on how the guitar is made or how it is used or stored. These changes may affect the performance of the guitar when played. read more


Qactus minimizes the difficulties you might encounter as a beginner.

Playing an instrument is difficult for many beginners. However, Qactus will help you to overcome the challenges and get the hang of it without realizing it. read more

Qactus fosters harmony

Experienced guitarists can create easier codes for the beginners through QactusCore. Through QactusCore and QactusCore-Method, beginner, experts, and professional guitar players can collaborate online and learn harmony that is necessary to play in an ensemble.




Qactus has three ways for beginners to transition performing with Qactus to performing without it.

【Qactus】There are three ways for beginners to prepare for the next stage

Get the ability to hold the strings securely

The acoustic guitar has six hard metal strings with a total of 50 to 70kg of tension. You won't be able to hit the target pitch or sound if you don't put the required force efficiently on the strings. Beginners who cannot play with only 1 or 2 fingers will definitely feel frustrated using 4 or 5 fingers and end up giving up. Qactus intentionally increases tension on the strings so you will learn the correct feeling of the required force on the strings unconsciously like the training bat for baseball, which is heavier than the usual bat. By getting accustomed to the hard tension of the strings with Qactus, it makes it easier for beginners to transition to the next stage.


Get the correct chords and get you motivated

When using Qactus, there often is a sound that produces dissonance. These “risky notes” are incorporated intentionally from the analysis of the Q-sai@ Music Camp. When a beginner graduates from Qactus and enters the next stage, the burden of "Being Technical" increases naturally because there is no help of Qactus, but these risky notes will appear less with your improvements. Though it’s hard to recognize your improvements, by incorporating the dissonance, Qactus allows you to clearly feel your improvements and motivate you to get to the next stage.

Transitions all beginners to the next stage

Qactus is made of polycarbonate along with other plastic materials which makes the tone of the guitar get brighter. It is made to sound better and not to last forever. This allows you to enjoy practicing on your guitar longer and not to rely on Qactus forever. If your Qactus wears down, it is a sign that you are ready to move on and graduate from Qactus.




Qactus works properly whenever you are using [QactusCore].


[QactusCore] is a library of the easiest chord diagrams designed for all Qactus users.

So, many songs in the world will become easy to learn as long as you have [Qactus] + [QactusCore].

Many people without any previous experience on any musical instruments will know about the important value of music and the difficulty to play guitar at the same time.



[QactusCore-Method] is for all music lovers

Music lovers will help each other with QactusCore.


QactusCore is a platform for music lovers to help each other. The specific knowledge to make it is [QactusCore-Method].

It’s your turn to help others once you mastered to play the guitar. Your music skills will improve by contributing your arrangements.