3. Keys

All songs have a「Key」.
We don’t need too much knowledge of musical theory to tell the key of song.

However it’s ok if we don’t know what the key is.
Of course it will be much better if you can tell the proper key to play in, but the QactusCore-Method can deal with it as our aim is 「to share music and increase the number of music lovers」.

We can use a chart to know the proper key.


It shows the「Keys」on the left column that work or do not work well with Qactus.
Each row out from the keys show chords.
These are called 「diatonic chords」but we don’t need to memorize the name.
Just know how to use this chart and the keys that  work with Qactus.  

There are so many websites which provide a lot of lyrics and chords.
We can tell the keys of songs from the chords in a song.
If you need to know which key a song is in all you need to know is what chords are played the most. Then you can use this chart to find the key.

However, it will be a bit tricky until you become familiar with the characteristics of each key. This will come to you with more practice.

By the way, the guitar with Qactus on 2nd fret is a good match with these keys :


It will be possible for someone without any musical experience to learn to play guitar with the help of Qactus as long as the song is in one of these keys.

Of course, there are many ways to play the guitar, however this is how it is done with the Qactus arrangement.

We will learn about this later.

Anyway, all of these keys are called 「Major Keys」.
On the other side, we have 「Minor Keys」as well.

We are going to use only 「Major Keys」to avoid being difficult.

「Minor Keys」are like brothers with 「Major Keys」(They are called [Related Keys] but you don’t have to memorize them to use Qactus).
You can replace 「Minor Keys」 into 「Major Keys」. You will be able to figure out「Minor Keys」once you become familiar with「Major Keys」.

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