In the beginning

As you already know, Qactus is designed to decrease beginners who give up or let people without any previous experience on any musical instruments have a lot of fun learning in a short time.
What we tried to arrange with the materials based on the QactusCore-Method is the easiest chord bank all over the world, 「QactusCore」.

If you are not familiar with musical theory it will be difficult for you to make learning materials for beginners without referring to the method for QactusCore.

However anyone will be able to make QactusCore if it is base on everything  we have learned here.
Not only that, QactusCore is designed to foster your skills related to musical theory.

QactusCore has large benefits to both beginners and contributors.

We will learn more about the QactusCore-Method.
Just hang in there because it has great benefits for you as a learning musician.

Stage-1『3. Keys』
Stage-2『1. Learn The Structure of Qactus』