----- Special Lecture -----

We are going to show something important and necessary for experts.

You can imagine that Qactus inserted on 2nd fret is the same as the ordinary 2nd capo except that the 1st and 2nd strings (open strings are different between Qactus and ordinary capo).
We are going to skip nonsense explanations because you probably already know enough about how the capo works.

The key in your mind (=Shape Key)  is in a state of transposed「-2」 when you put Qactus on the 2nd fret of your guitar.

For example, the shape key will be 「Key of D」 when your guitar is set with the capo on the 2nd fret.

Of the key which is a good match with Qactus will sound like these keys (=Practical Key)

When you are playing with Qactus on your guitar, follow these keys(=A,D,E) however,  you should  imagine that you are in  the keys of (=Practical Keys) :

That’s correct.

These are the keys which are a good match for beginners because they have many notes which are allowed to use open strings.

Please help out many beginners with your skills and expert’s sense through QactusCore.

By the way, you must already be aware that Qactus is not the only way to decrease difficulty in playing the guitar.

There are other options like Open Tuning in which many open strings can be used or by adjusting the voice to improve sounds and so on.

However, turning pegs is harder for beginners than we think. Of course, it’s also hard for people without any previous experience using any musical instruments. Even regular tuning can make a lot of people give up.

That’s why this tool,  Qactus, which is quite easy to set up helps beginners. Please provide your materials for beginners so that they can enjoy playing the guitar for a long time with this first step (through the platform  (QactusCore).

Stage-3『a. Is the combination of the song and Qactus good?』
Stage-3『b. Are these chords in the song less than 10? (or possible to decrease?)』