c. Does the song change key often or just sometimes?

Sometimes people are confused between transposition and modulation but they are completely different.


The former we have already discussed. The later, modulation, is about the changing of keys in a song.
Transposition is used as an option for arranging music and is considered to be a technique for musical expression.

There are various "transposition" from temporary to large-scale, but in any case, if "modulation" occurs, the number of chords will increase.

Since increasing the number of chords is a heavy burden for beginners, it is better to avoid songs that use modulation.

Many beginners want to play songs with modulations but it’s a nuisance for beginner's using QactusCore.

If beginners want to try playing a song that has modulation, we would like to help them out no matter what it takes but it also depends on our experts’ advice.

We can try to pick up only simple parts.  Avoid songs that have modulation since it increases the number of chords in the song.
QactusCore has a message column for beginners so we can give suggestions like : "The part after the interlude is allowed to be cut if you are going to play guitar on Qactus as a beginner."

If you face chords called Secondary Dominant, you can generally put「7」in The Gray Room.
This kind of chord will be a bit hard for beginners on QactusCore but it’s worth playing because of the effect.

Modulation will often appear in prelude, interlude and postlude or in some chorus sections which are not so important.
In this case, the best way is for beginners on Qactus to skip learning this section of a song.

We need to arrange some songs into acoustic guitar versions (not only for Qactus) because sometimes beginners play some songs along with original versions even if it’s impossible to replicate completely due to the difference of instrumental formation.

Otherwise, beginners will keep playing the guitar in the prelude, interlude and postlude without any melodies.

Listeners' jaws will drop to the floor even if beginners play these chords because it’s just a guitar chord backing (as long as they don’t sing along).

That’s why in this case, the best choice will be to skip some sections which are not necessary and that are too difficult for beginners to play.

Experts, please try to decrease strumming of chords for beginners.

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