What is “1upStage”?

What is “1upStage”?

We are going to figure out “1upStage”.
It’s the simplest description about it.

Let’s begin.

[Beginners allowed to play with only one finger]

What if beginners are allowed to start playing guitar with only one finger?
Actually “1upStage” makes it possible as long as you put “Qactus” on the 2nd fret.

Beginners can ignore the WHITE POINT on the diagram whenever they are frustrated to play guitar.
Only the BLACK POINT needs to be pressed.

Then, this will allow them to try some songs with only one finger on the first day of learning guitar.
They will be able to focus on STRUMMING rather than POSITIONING CHORDS unconsciously.

[Experience makes it easier]

Beginners will get used to it if they enjoy playing some songs this way.
It means that they can improve at their own pace. WHITE POINTS can be added as they like.

In weeks, beginners will overcome all POINTS(=BLACK and WHITE).
Then, they can replace Qactus with Capotasto on the same fret.

It’ll be absolutely ok if you play the guitar the same way before replacing the tools.
They don’t need any assistance from the tools(Qactus and Capotasto)anymore.

It shows that you already overcame the first stage which makes 90% of beginners give up.

[That’s all]

That is “1upStage”, got it?

According to statistics, about 90% of beginners give up in their first year.
However, we have “1upStage”. It will solve the problem.

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Thank you for taking the time to read all of the simplest description.