Revolution of frustrated beginners problem

Revolution of frustrated beginners problem

About 80-90% of beginners will give up in the early stages of challenges, because of THE TRADITIONAL METHOD which teaches beginners to play guitar. This requires so many troublesome missions at the beginning.

It has been producing countless frustrated beginners all over the world for decades.
All beginners claim that it’s so hard to press chords, but they don’t even imagine that pressing chords, is not the most important skill for playing guitar.

Skilled guitar players already know strumming is much more important.
No one can tell that “Eric Clapton’s technique to press F chord is great”, right?

Players basically need to make the sound of music with just some steel wires and a chunk of wood, called GUITAR.
Skillful players can make awesome sounds in music even if it is with only one string.

This shows even though it’s frustrating to press chords, it’s not worth giving up.

Playing guitar will never become easy, but all beginners can overcome if we change the order of the practicing process.
Beginners can improve pressing chords little by little during the practice of strumming.

Qactus is the safest method for beginners against the beginner’s problem.
Playing guitar is definitely not easy, even it looks like much easier with Qactus.

The combination of Qactus and a free online material named Trial-16 and 1upStage will sharply decrease the number of frustrated beginners.
This process just removes almost all risks to give up for beginners, but it is only in the early stages of challenges.

You are going to graduate Qactus, but eventually you will need to be able to continue and improve without Qactus, like training wheels of a bicycle for kids.

This is different from the traditional method and you will be able to overcome the early stages of challenges, if you can imagine which method will suit frustrated beginners.

Please learn more about Qactus on this website.
We hope that beginners all over the world will enjoy music like we do.

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