flexibility along with beginners

flexibility along with beginners

“Boring” is a sign of improvement

You will get in the hung of the fingerings and strumming if you keep playing with Qactus everyday, even though it’s quite simple to play.

This training tool should be flexible to encourage you in any cases as much as possible.

Qactus’s goal is to assist all beginners to the next stage.

It’s designed that beginners who are getting used to the simplest way as well.


To the common diagrams gradually

Granted that you are getting bored and maybe going to quit.

Beginners can graduate Qactus when it happens because it’s the sign of improving.

However, what if the latter is still too hard for them yet?

Don’t worry it’s ok, Qactus is flexible for this situation.

For example, 



You got used to this form so can change into the common D



It seems be worth trying for you. It will be a moderate obstacle in this situation as you are allowed to focus on this action even though you are playing a song.


Does it harmonize?

Some people say [Isn’t Qactus setting OPEN CHORD TUNING?] sometimes, but it would be impossible in such a way if it was OPEN CHORD TUNING (an anomaly setting tuned so as to harmonize with a specific chord only by opening string).

OPEN CHORD TUNING collapses the position of regular tuning, even professional musicians often get confused.

Qactus is “to assist all beginners to the next stage” and sticks to reducing the work burden without collapsing the original form position.

Unfortunately it requires a very tricky explanation so please refer to QactusCoreMethod.

This function would really help beginners frustrated with the early stages of challenges.

It wouldn’t depress them because they can choose an exact level as they should anytime.

Flexibility is really important as Qactus.


Qactus is a training tool

In fact Qactus saves them out through many breakthrough ways as we already learned.

However, some people especially who haven’t even read any official information misunderstand that [Qactus looks like a cheating toy to make guitars easier to play].

In other words, It will be obvious whether he/she has read some official information.


I don’t think that guitar is an easy instrument. 

Considering the endless possibilities of expression, of course it’s hard.

Playing an instrument is fun because it isn’t easy.

The number of Qactus functions is so many more than it looks.

That’s why some people misunderstand easily.


As the developer, I would like many people to notice how Qactus works.

To realize this means that it will be a little hard sometimes, but everyone can imagine it properly as long as you read the official information.


Voice of the developer
[What is the benefit of practicing with only one finger?]