A sign of Qactus as not a toy

A sign of Qactus as not a toy

About the solidity of strings

Qactus makes some strings to be a little harder to play, because it’s meant to take beginners to the next stage.



Lacking the finger power against strings to push can make it beginners give up.

They need to prepare for it before graduating of Qactus.

It would not be so hard for them because their burden has already decreased by Qactus function.


How hard are those strings?

Actually study shows that these strings on Qactus are the same as normal guitars even if you feel like it’s much harder than normal.

So players need to overcome this hardness of strings.


However especially intermediate players would think that it’s harder than normal even though it’s not.

Because they naturally expect that the 3rd fret position is much softer than the first fret.


Intermediate players would not suit for Qactus

Some intermediate players would adjust some setting of a guitar to be easier to play like NUT.

The lower the easier to play, so some players adjust a nut lower.

This kind of guitars would not suit well for Qactus. It’s true, Qactus makes this kind of guitar strings to change into harder.

The lower the harder to play, if the guitar is on Qactus.


However it doesn’t matter for beginners, because they even don’t know how to adjust to it, so it’s impossible for them.

They need to overcome the hardness, because they are going to improve.
This includes the first fret hardness of strings, which is where more than half of the beginners give up at.

Since a total of 50 to 70 kg of force is applied to the stretched, metal strings on an acoustic guitar.

If they don’t put the proper pressure on the strings firmly in the form of using only 1 or 2 fingers while using Qactus, they will definitely give up at the next stage when they try to improve without Qactus.

Qactus is not a “toy that makes the guitar easier“, but a “tool to make all beginners move to the next stage” so please continue practicing with fun and feel the stress necessary for your progress.

Qactus has a mechanism in which the strings are slightly harder to push in order for users to learn how strong they need to push strings for playing the guitar properly.

This is the same logic used for training with baseball a bat . It is heavier than an ordinary one.


Requires the stress

Instrument is fun because it isn’t easy.

There are some stresses which also require for improving.

It’s not only music things, right?

The most important is how do they deal with the stress.

Qactus makes them fun even if their fingers are still on the training against the harder strings.


I could design Qactus as a cheating toy that makes the strings to become much softer like a normal guitar but I didn’t.

Because Qactus is not a cheating toy.

This is a tool to assist frustrated beginners to the next stage safely.

Voice of the developer
[Playing skill to change some steel wires and a chunk of wood into organisms]
Voice of the developer
[What is the benefit of practicing with only one finger?]