Weird chords on a training stage

Weird chords on a training stage

Our goal is exacly to saving frustrated beginners

As it doesn’t aim to sell a lot of product, but to save frustrated beginners, We can choose the right way that we should take even if it’s on high risks as a manufacturer.

Anything will be ok as long as it’s great for our aim. It’s the most different point of other companies.


A wise decision as QactusCore

We need some steps to improve sometimes.

Otherwise it would never be efficient to make it.

We believe that the way of early stage should suit to early beginners because they are still in a hard time to deal with many things.

However it should be the way to let them improve well at the same time.

QactusCore has the best way to lead frustrated beginners to the next stage safely with some weird chords.

Doubt it

Do you really think that textbooks are correct?

You would say yes because it is.

That’s why we can study anything without doubting.


However I doubt the common sense sometimes.


It’s like traps

Beginners often misunderstood some TYPO.

Actually there are so many typographic error on publications.

It’s not so good, right?


However this kind of errors are not necessarily so.


I often see beginners saying that they’ve been trying with some scorebooks which have some TYPO.

Actually many of them even didn’t realize those errors existing on their books.

It means that they are practicing without knowing that some are not correct even it sound weird.


In other words, they don’t listen to their sound at all.


In that case, I try to ask them “there is a wrong chord on this page, so guess which chord is wrong?” or something like that.

And then, they would begin to notice some TYPO parts properly.

It’s amazing because they were not able to notice any errors before asking it.


In other words, they would start to listen to their sound.

It’s an important conscious movement in playing instruments.

Qactus カクタス ギター チューニング

Paradox helps beginners

In fact, some errors helps beginners actually rather than perfect materials as I told.

To be honest I hate this kind of errors, but I said that [Anything will be ok as long as it’s great for our aim] at the beginning of this page.

We aim to assist frustrated beginners to the next stage safely.

And now we believe that some errors should be contained in QactusCore material for their improvement.


Some chords on QactusCore would make dissonance or some risky sound sometimes.

They would feel like that it sounds weird if they are on a conscious movement in doubting the material.


Maybe some conservatives would think that it’s not good as a material.

As I said that I hate this kind of errors but in fact it makes beginners to have very important conscious. We can’t ignore this way.

And you may know that most of beginners would make dissonance or some risky sound very often when they try to play something even with perfect materials.

It’s an exact the early training stage for them so it would be ok as long as they improve well through this stage, it’s quite normal for beginners, right?


This process on Qactus brings some great benefits to beginners.

They would be allowed to play with only 1 or 2 fingers and strum all 6 strings so it releases them from the difficulty to strumming the right strings.

And when they graduate Qactus, they would feel like that they are sounding really clearly compared to the early training stage.

It would help to overcome the next stage. 




It’s a very unique decision but it helps a lot of frustrated beginners with QactusCore.

Which do we need to make? Perfect textbooks? or a lot of beginners who overcame?

That’s what we need to keep eyes on.